Can’t Afford to Lose Weight? Or Can’t Afford Not To?
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Employers are beginning to take steps to reduce the cost of healthcare by providing incentives to their employees to lose weight and get healthy. Some companies are even providing workout facilities, coaching programs and healthier food choices in the cafeteria.

Companies are in the business of making money - so it was only a matter of time before they realized that the good health of their employees is worth investing in. Workers in poor health are more expensive to insure, have more sick days, and are less productive on the job. Health management is cost management, and in the USA, it's the hit in the pocketbook that will most often inspire change.

Good health is a good investment. Many people who join HMR to lose weight say they end up saving money. If you are thinking about how joining the HMR weight management program fits into your budget, here are a few line items to consider:

  • You may save money that you would normally spend on fast food or eating in restaurants.
  • Your grocery store bill may be reduced, if you are only eating HMR foods (with or without fruits and vegetables).
  • By losing weight, you can improve your health and may end up saving money on fewer prescription drugs and medical co-pays.

Consider your reasons for losing weight. To reduce your risk of diabetes or heart disease? To improve your health? To feel a little better when you wake up in the morning? To run around with your new baby granddaughter who just took her first steps?

Now consider the cost of NOT losing weight. There are just some things that only a healthy quality of life can provide.

Being around to watch your granddaughter grow up? Priceless.

Alison Hatfield
Alison came to HMR as a Health Educator in 2005. Since then, she's worked in Sales, Legal, Marketing, & IT. Some say she’s worn many hats, but she’s better known at the office for her shoe collection! Her love of shoes is surpassed by her passion for health & she feels fortunate to have found a home at HMR.


* Decision-Free® Diet Disclaimer Notice: HMR® published data from selected programs offering the
Decision-Free® Diet Program show a 50-60 pound average weight loss for participants in this type of program. 
Healthy Solutions® Diet Disclaimer Notice: HMR® published data from selected programs offering the
Healthy Solutions® Program show a 35-40 pound average weight loss for participants in this type of program. 
HMR at Home® Diet Disclaimer Notice: HMR® published data show average weight loss of 15-30 pounds for HMR at Home®.

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